Infinity Faders

The World’s Most Durable Faders

DJ’s know:

There’s never a good time to break a fader.

The worry that comes along with breaking a plastic fader during a set is gone with our billet aluminum unbreakable faders!


We have engineered the most durable, accurate and easy-to-use fader that the music world has ever seen. Introducing Infinity Faders – quite possibly the best weapon in the arsenal of any live DJ. Every Infinity Fader is precision-machined from a solid billet of aluminum resulting in a fader that is light, tough, precise and remarkably easy to control. Please allow up to 7 business days for shipping. For expedited services please email Brandon at

Pro-Inspired Design

The genius behind Infinity Faders is DJ HighNoone, and a group of handpicked engineers and machinists who at the top of their field. DJ HighNoone saw a need for a better quality fader knob after constantly breaking them at club shows. Our Faders are made with billet anodized aluminum, made with care by our machinists and engineers. Find comfort knowing that our faders have been road tested.

Unbreakable Fader

The Infinity Fader is a marvel of product design and engineering. Infinity Faders are made in the U.S.A. and guaranteed for life not to break.


Here’s what DJ’s and Music Professionals have to say about our Faders

{Infinity fader nice
Atmi Sepfrio
{The new Ultralight Version is killer, feels great and def digging the weight on it.
{I bought the fader for my Rane 62 and it feels so good i need to have one for my 72
Carlos E Gutierrez
{Great product my cuts are sounding crisp and clear and to know it wont break is a plus.
Dj Aziz
{The fader is smooth as ice but twice as nice! Buttery as a muther, worth it! Brandon was great with communications and his assistance was paramount and he got the product to me overnight. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed, highly recommended.
Dj Bombay
{The New Ultra Light Version is a little heavier than the Original , but That feel is good ... I Recommended It. One thing , not Put Lubricant isn't necessary
{Such a beautiful platter to customize my Reloop Spin. The belt drive stabilizer has to be my favorite feature. It’s keeps the belt super secure to the platter which also helps for easy install. You feel how strong the quality…
Kellie Berrios

The Last Fader You’ll Ever Buy

When a fader breaks, you can expect to spend an average of $85 each time for parts, labor & shipping in order to have it replaced. At Infinity Faders, we set out to create a music industry first: a fader control that would be so durable that it could conceivably outlast your mixing board. The durability of our faders is so renowned that it’s not uncommon for D.J.’s and live musicians to upgrade their soundboards but keep their Infinity Fader! Buying an Infinity Fader means you are making a long-term investment in the quality of your gear and your performance. Do not let another show go south just because of the poor design and condition of your existing fader control knob. Upgrade to an Infinity Fader and finally have the peace of mind you need..