DJ's know:
There's never a good time to break a fader.

The worry that comes along with breaking a plastic fader during a set is gone with our billet aluminum unbreakable faders!

Unbreakable Fader

The Infinity Fader is a marvel of product design and engineering.
Infinity Faders are made in the U.S.A. and guaranteed for life not to break

In order to achieve the absolute strongest product that would withstand even the toughest breaks and fades, the inventors of the Infinity Fader had to use a complicated, intensive manufacturing process known as CNC machining, or Computer Numerically Controlled machining.
CNC machining allows Infinity Faders to be cut from solid billets of high-strength aluminum at a resolution that makes them a precise fit for your existing soundboard or mixing device. Because of the exacting detail that has gone into the craftsmanship of Infinity Faders, you can rely on a precise, smooth and predictable fade every time.

Outstanding Customer Support

We know that our Infinity Faders are only as good as the customer support that stands behind them. There's nothing worse than having high hopes for a product and then not being able to use it or make sense of it because of poor post-sale support from the manufacturer. At Infinity Faders, we're dedicated to serving each and every one of our customers with the same level of respect and care that we would want given to us. Customers also benefit from doing business with a company that was founded by an musician who knows exactly what kind of products the industry needs.

Olivier Cloutier
No doubt on that. This piece feels really unbreakable. Problem for me is its almost 10 times heavier than the original so the feeling of lightness is gone. I dont use the tension anymore because it just makes it heavier View this product→
Stephen Hancock
Thank you! Appreciate the great customer service and communication! View this product→
DJ Oreo
All I can say is wow! You can feel the durability of this fader the second you start throwing down. View this product→
I like that I dont have to worry about my Rane 62 faders breaking ever again. View this product→
DJ Fox
These bumpers are sturdy as hell! View this product→
Definitely the most smooth / solid fader I have used. Love that it comes in gold and the guys at Infinity faders were such great help. I was in a bind when my fader stopped working and needed a replacement.… View this product→
DJ Spryte / Made Monster
Definitely the most solid fader I've ever used! I've noticed my cuts have gotten cleaner since the install, thanks guys! View this product→
DJ MPire
INFINITY FADER didn't just get me out of a bind by replacing my broken (plastic) fader next day, they guaranteed thier fader for life! If I had three hands they'd get three thumbs up from me! Thanks guys! View this product→

The Last Fader You'll Ever Buy

When a fader breaks, you can expect to spend an average of $85 each time for parts, labor & shipping in order to have it replaced. At Infinity Faders, we set out to create a music industry first: a fader control that would be so durable that it could conceivably outlast your mixing board. The durability of our faders is so renowned that it's not uncommon for D.J.’s and live musicians to upgrade their soundboards but keep their Infinity Fader! Buying an Infinity Fader means you are making a long-term investment in the quality of your gear and your performance. Do not let another show go south just because of the poor design and condition of your existing fader control knob. Upgrade to an Infinity Fader and finally have the peace of mind you need.