DJ Qbert

“That feels buttery, man!”


“Installed my unbreakable Infinity Faders crossfader stem today, it feels amazing! It’s got a nice weight to it, glides super smooth, and doesn’t give. ”


“NYE I broke an upfader in the middle of my set, I’m glad I won’t have to worry about this anymore, thanks to Infinity Faders.”

DJ Fader (Ol’DirtySundays)

“As a party promoter and dj I have seen my share of broken faders and there is nothing worst than having a guest dj show up only to have a fader break before or during their set. Infinity Fader’s give you peace of mind and even a bit of confidence when scratching now that you wont have to worry about a cheap piece of plastic breaking during your performance. Don’t hesitate upgrade to Infinity Faders NOW!”

Crossfader TV

“Hands down the strongest fader I have ever put my hands on & I can’t see this thing ever breaking.”

Chris Karns (DMC USA & World Champ)

“I haven’t heard my cuts sounding this crisp in a long time, plus the fact that that this fader won’t break is crucial!”

Dj Rectangle (Mixtape legend & DMC USA)

“Works transparently with your existing fader and is great insurance, especially at live gigs. ”

DJ Perly (USA DMC 2017 Champ)

“I appreciate you guys making dope faders!

DJ Deville (Club Killers)

“Had a blast cutting on his new modified Rane fader the feel of this thing is amazing.”

Texas Scratch League

“We approve of this fader.”


“Pimping out Rane faders to infinity and beyond.”

Cut Chemist (Jurassic 5 & Ozomatli)

“Man this fader is butter.”

DJ CEO (Late night Record Pool)

“The Infinity Fader was the answer to all of my fader issues. The all metal design is a perfect replacement for the plastic one that Rane started using and the durability is unmatched. Highly recommended for anybody that is serious about turntablism.”

DJ Ashton Martin

“As a prior 62 user for years, and having switched over to the S9. I am extremely excited to have the Infinity Fader in my S9s. I’m known to be heavy handed and I’m no stranger to snapping faders. Looks like Infinity Faders changed the game.”

DJ Eyecon

“Hands down the strongest fader I have ever put my hands on & I can’t see this thing ever breaking.”

Sir Force

“I thought my Rane mixers were the bee’s knees… until I tried Infinity Fader! This unbreakable fader is amazingly smoother, faster and cuts are sharp as ever!”